​Who is Tinukè? A woman that loves love! A woman that believes that there are different lessons to learn on the journey to find the one.

A lot of us have experienced a situation that has resulted in us swearing off love, painting all with the same brush. We don’t want to be vulnerable again? We don't want to feel that pain. I get it! I’ve been there! However, I believe that complete self-love, refusing to settle, building strong lasting connection and loads more contribute to us being open to receiving the right kind of love when it enters our lives and none of us should miss out on it. We should be open to love but not desperately seek it! There's a difference.

Many of us, myself included, can often believe we are the only ones going through a particular scenario which is far from the truth. I will have contributors discussing relationship dilemmas they have faced personally and how they overcame the challenges that arose. I will also be hosting events throughout the year that will serve as a safe space where we can all bond, discuss and encourage each other.





This is an advice section is for relationship based questions and dilemmas. 

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