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Stop making celebrities your relationship goals!

One of the first posts I wrote when I started my blogging journey was titled #relationshipgoals. In this post, I expressed that I was not at all a fan of the hashtag and gave my reasons for this.

Fast forward to 2021 and I am back again to speak on this topic...So what triggered me to write this post? To be honest, there have been so many reasons to revisit this, but today I saw various comments that made me start typing this almost immediately.

Over the last few months, weeks & days we have seen various celebrity couples break up. There were no surprises there for me, as they are humans like the rest of us and can decide to part ways at any time.

What did surprise me, were the remarks from several people in regards to this. Words like ‘’I don’t believe in love no more’’ and “love is fake” are just two I’ve decided to quote. It saddened me to see such comments. The fact that individuals have based their view of love on these celebrity relationships has just further highlighted to me, how much celebrities are put on a pedal stool.

These celebrity couples show us snippets of their lives through pictures or videos but we really don’t know them at all. When posting on social media, we all tend to post our best photos and videos and the ones we know will get the most interaction, celebrities are NO different.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to see couples loved up and I am sure most people do, but that’s where the line should be drawn. It becomes a dangerous game when you start to want the relationship you perceive these couples to have. A perfect person or relationship doesn’t exist and if you believe otherwise you will be left disappointed like many people are.

It’s perfectly okay to admire the baecaction pictures and the nice gestures these couple post to express there love for one and another but the use of #relationshipgoals almost sets the standard for the relationship you want without knowing the full story.

When you become too invested and attached in these relationships it has the potential to cause problems in your own. Imagine having the mind-set love no longer exists, what effect do you think that will have on your relationship or future ones?

Furthermore, I also believe that the whole #relationshipgoals can make an individual stay in a bad relationship longer than need be. We see so many celebrity relationships where there are cheating scandals or what could be perceived as emotional abuse and people are still aiming to have these types of relationships. We see comments such as “ I want a toxic love” or “if he/she isn’t toxic I don’t want it.” You should not be striving for that type of love or relationship neither should you be manifesting it into your life. Don’t let social media lead you astray.

Final thoughts

It’s perfectly okay to like particular aspects of someone’s relationship, but we can do so without wanting it for ourselves. Every relationship is unique and that’s what makes is special. It wouldn’t be special if we all had the same thing, remember this next time you post #relationshipgoals.

In this post, I have focused heavily on celebrity relationships, as that’s where I see the hash tag being used most. The hashtag does also get used for every day couples and my stance is still the same. No one should be your relationship goal.

Our family members or close friends may have relationships we deem as amazing and of course; we have a wider look into those in comparison to celebrity ones. However, we still do not know the full picture or the dynamics of the relationship, only the couple at hand knows what happens behind closed doors.

Going forward, let’s normalise liking a picture of a happy couple whether family, friend or celebrity without saying #goals!


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