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Does Social Media Ruin Relationships?

Social media definitely plays a significant role in relationships, whether we want to accept it or not. Most individuals are part of at least one or multiple social networking sites.

In my opinion the behaviour that causes the biggest problems in relationships via social media is firstly over sharing.

Social media does not need to know every emotion your relationship goes through . An example of this is posting a picture quote or caption when you have a disagreement with a partner, which is a blatant indirect aimed at them.

This will just add to the problem that already exist. One should not use social media as a platform to vent, instead discuss issues with your partner. Secondly over familiarity on social media with individuals you know or don’t know. Inappropriate comments are a problem, no partner wants to read into something so do not give them a reason too. Lastly posting inappropriate content, such as nude images/explicit photos, who wants to see another person admiring their partners body? Especially if it can be helped. Of course in some circumstances it is inevitable due to a persons line of work or hobby.

Talking from experience Instagram has certainly been the media platform were I have found myself most annoyed at my partner for various reasons, some which I mentioned above. Although many express that social media is not reality and that one should not take everything seen so literally, it does get to a point were you see this constantly under a partners picture and it starts to irritate you. We have all been there.

It is one thing when different females/males post smileys or comments that you're not happy about under a picture. However your partners response is what could cause the bigger issue in your relationship. Although many suggest social media is not based on reality and some individuals actions are just done to gain popularity or for attention seeking purposes, one has to consider how this kind of behaviour can affect and make a partner feel.

Certain behaviour is simply not deemed acceptable to some when in a relationship wether it’s just done for the benefit of social media. I often see the quote “social media doesn’t affect relationships acting single in them does” I have to say I strongly agree with this statement. Although some individuals want to keep their personal life private and for that reason choose to limit pictures of their other half on social media, respect still needs to be shown.

Ones actions on social media speaks volumes and helps people to conclude and reach an opinion as to whether or not they believe you are single or in a relationship. It may sound ridiculous but it’s true.

I am in no way saying one should not be polite, if someone gives you a compliment a ‘thank you’ is a reasonable response, whereas ‘thank you 😘’ may not be. This is simply because as a partner viewing this it could be misconstrued and come across as a bit too friendly. It’s scenarios such as this which could be misread. Although this comment could have been written innocently it may not be interpreted like that, so in simple terms think before you act or in this case write.

I love the fact my partner receives compliments via social media and embrace the fact that other females find him attractive. On the other hand, I would be lying if I said I don’t view his profile occasionally and think ‘can this girl fall back’.

Last year social media certainly caused me huge annoyance, it also in all honesty caused regular disagreements within my relationship. I used to ask him questions along the lines of: 'why is she leaving them smileys on your pic?', 'why is she referring to you as babe?' and 'why you posting pictures that you know will get inappropriate comments?'. Finally I came to the conclusion that females are going to leave these sorts of smileys and comments regardless. However it is my partners response that determines how I view the situation.

So does social media ruin relationships? My personal opinion is if you let it. It’s how your partner reciprocates and interacts with others that can cause an issue in the relationship.

So NO it’s not the social media platform being used it is the person behind the keyboard who has the power to damage the relationship.

I would love to know your views on this topic, please drop a comment


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