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Looks Vs. Personality

We have all heard the famous saying “personality stays and looks fade” but do individuals really look that far ahead when they first meet a person or want to get to know them further or is looks solely all they are thinking about at this point.

This debate has been going on for a long time with many differences of opinions. I believe looks plays the biggest role on first impression, whereas personality plays an important role in the deciding stages of the relationship for e.g. deciding whether a person will be a long term partner. Let’s look at this topic further.

Looks are definitely an important factor to a large amount of people, most that say different are probably lying. A person’s physical appearance is what attracts you to them in the first instance as shallow as it may sound. When being approached or doing the approaching, looks and only looks is what draws you to the person because at this point you know nothing about this person in regards to their personality. Unless of course you already know the person for e.g you were previously friends. In that circumstance you will be able to base it on more than looks.

Upon researching this topic I read that quite a few people claimed that what a person looks like does not matter to them at all and it’s all down to the individual’s personality, which I would disagree with. You have to find something attractive about that person on first glance to even want to engage in a conversation with them or exchange numbers.

Moreover, personality is equally as important, I just believe it comes secondary on first meeting because you do not get to know that side of the person until further down the line. However at the settling down stage personality over rides looks, you can find someone so attractive but a bad personality, slowly but surely will make that person appear less attractive. There are different personality traits that can put a person right off. In regards to me and I’m sure I am not alone ARROGANCE, COCKINESS AND RUDENESS are examples of what will instantly make an individual unattractive unless you like those attributes in your other half that is.

To conclude Looks and personality both play important roles but maybe just at different stages in the relationship. Sexual attraction which I didn’t really touch on in this post to me comes hand in hand with physical attraction. To refer back to the quote “Looks fade personality stays” do I agree with it? To an extent yes because a persons looks in the long run may not be as good as they once were. On the other hand I believe that personality may stay but it also may not, peoples personality and overall character does sometimes change and they are not who they were when you first began your relationship with them. So basically looks and personality can both change in my overall opinion.

I would love to know your opinion on this topic. What is more important to you? Looks or personality?


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