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Should You Share Your Password With Your Partner?

I’ve come across a few articles lately that talk about couples sharing passwords/pass codes to both their phones and also their social media platforms.

In regards to this topic I understand why people would share their passwords and also why others would choose not too. If my partner asked me for my password I wouldn’t hesitate to provide it.Firstly because I have nothing to hide and secondly because I would be confident that he trust me enough not to use it as means to check up on me.

Trust has a big part to play in regards to the exchange of passwords. If you decline to give your password your other half may then begin to wonder why you are hesitating to hand it over. This in its self could cause further issues in the relationship with them assuming you have something to hide. Your partner may have no Intentions to check it, they may simply just want to see your reaction and how willing you would be to provide it. (Some sort of test let's call it).

On the other hand we are all curious individuals and the fact that we have access to our other halves password may result in us wanting to snoop or be nosey. So is knowing each other’s passwords asking for trouble?

Moreover, many say that when you become partners you become one. I believe this is mainly in regards to a married couple. However, wether a couple is married or not, I still believe that everyone is entitled to a private life. Everything is not for your partners eyes e.g if a friend shares something very personal with me,I do not want my partner reading it, as its confidential between me and my friend and not for their eyes.

The length of a relationship should also be a deciding factor when exchanging passwords. If you have only just begun dating someone or it’s only been a few weeks or months do I believe you should share your password. I personally wouldn’t, reason being that I believe that before you share something so private you should at least be in a very established relationship.

Furthermore Individuals should take precaution if a relationship ends. I would suggest your password is changed immediately in this circumstance. Some people are bitter and spiteful when a break up happens and your social media may be were they target you, if they have your password.

To conclude the decision on wether to share ones password is down to the individual. As long as you are confident that your partner wants you to share your password  for the right reasons and not because there are trust issues in the relationships for instance.

If your partner does choose to give you their password, do not breach their trust by gaining access without their permission. We all get nosey, but if you genuinely believe you have no self control, just don’t ask for the password. Lastly, always bear in mind that if your partner has access to your phone and is able to read personal messages from your close friends that are private it could could cause major issues for your friendship, if they learn that your partner has read them.

I would love to know your views on this topic. Would you share your password with your other half?


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