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Should Your Friends Have A Say In Your Relationship?

Everyone has that friend they confide in when issues arise in their relationship. It’s a person you vent to and also get their perspective on the issue at hand, but could that cause further problems?

So here is my view on this topic, I believe that it is impossible not to talk about particular issues that occur in your relationship with close friends. Should we allow them to make or influence decisions for us, absolutely not. For me personally when I go to a friend, It is often to see if I’m over reacting in a situation, or to get an honest opinion on who they believe is in the wrong.

Although we choose to share with friends it is important that we bear in mind that their opinions could sometimes be unintentionally biased and swayed in our favour as they are our friends. One should also refrain from telling them about every single argument you have with a partner.Discussing all disagreements with them could result in them seeing your partner in a negative light.

Moreover we should also never dictate to our friends what to do in their relationships. From my personal experience if a friend comes to me with a problem, I attempt to see both sides to the story. For instance helping them to understand where their partner could be coming from, and cautiously and truthfully where I think their partner went wrong in the situation.

However I always emphasise that everyone including myself will have a view, but ultimately its their life and therefore my opinions are quite irrelevant and only theirs matters.

So where does the line get drawn? what should definitely not be up for discussions within friends in regards to your relationship? The two things I certainly won’t discuss about my relationship is anything my partner has entrusted to me and major intimate details.

A secret or any information said in private means your partner trusts you, the minute you tell a friend, you have broken that trust. In relation to intimate details, yes you and friends may want to seek advice from one another . However by no means does that suggest you should make reference to super intimate moments between you and your other half, know where to draw the line.

I would love to know your views on this topic, please comment below


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