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Should Your Other Half Post On Their Social Media?

​Should your partner post you on social media? Do you care whether your other half posts you on social media or is it really not a big deal to you? Some people love the whole privacy thing whilst others find it suspect that their partner refuses to show them to the world.

Okay so there is two sides to every argument, on one side it’s just social media where you have people following you, most of which you don’t even know in person if were being honest. So maybe just maybe your partner does not want to put you on there for the world to see as it’s simply not their business.

We also have to remember that when people see your relationship on display on sites such as Instagram and Facebook they do tend to start being nosey and trying to get all up in your business. If you put your relationship out there, your followers start to feel like they're automatically part of it and can start throwing out unwanted opinions. As sad as it sounds social media has ruined relationships in the past. So is it best to just keep your private life private? We have all heard the saying “A private life is a happy life” right?

On the other hand, not posting your other half could lead to other issues such as your partner believing you don’t want to show them off, which I think relates to self-esteem. 

I think a lot of the reasons behind a person wanting and expecting to be posted has a lot to do with them feeling accepted and it gives them a sort of ego-boost.

We all want to feel like our partner wants to show us off, myself included. So do we really want our partner to post us on social media for the right reasons or is it simply to feed our own insecurities, it’s something we need to think about.

Secondly, avoiding posting your other half could also lead to them believing that you don’t want anyone to know you’re in a relationship and that you want to appear single to the cyber world. This could be far from the truth but is a conclusion that many could form.

The reality is that if followers of your different social media platforms see no trace of your other half, it could lead to them assuming you’re available as that’s what they want to believe. If there is no evidence to suggest otherwise they will run with that assumption, and that’s basically when they start jumping in your DM’s! Hell some thirsty individuals jump in your DM’s when they know you’re taken for crying out loud. 

My opinion is this, I don’t believe I need to post my partner on a regular basis and vice versa but I do believe people should know he exists, so a post here and there at least is reasonable. We all tend to say things such as its only social media it’s not real life but it's apparent daily that these media platforms are becoming more and more part of our reality and people tend to form an image of you based on what you portray on these sites.

Furthermore, I definitely believe that we should not place so much significance on this. I’ve since come to the realisation that being posted on social media for the cyber world to know how much my partner loves me and wants to show me off is not my reality. If I know that he loves me and he is proud to have me as a partner why does showing me/us together on social media matter so much.

To conclude, we all have our own views in regards the importance of this topic. If you genuinely have concerns about why your partner does not post you, then a conversation should be had. However it should definitely not be a defining factor in your relationship. 

As I stated above people should know that your partner exist for the simple fact that I feel it leaves room for no unnecessary assumptions. Posting photos continuously and drowning your timeline could appear as attention seeking and like you're seeking validation from others, so there should be a balance. However it’s about what works for different relationships, I just don’t believe it’s a make or break situation.

What are your views on this topic? Comment below, I would love to know.

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